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Thank you for considering supporting our REVyouth Arts Summer Camp. 

REVolutions Dance believes that a truly inclusive environment is one that provides equitable opportunities for disabled and non-disabled students to work and create together.  Different from other programs where non-disabled students are often positioned as "mentors' to their disabled peers, REVolutions Dance provides leadership opportunities for every student in the class.  By recognizing each student's strengths and interests, our instructors tailor classes and activities to allow for true equality in the collaborative process. 

This type of class structure has been our focus for more than ten years in our weekly inclusive dance classes. We have been thrilled to expand this type of learning experience beyond the dance studio and into our annual summer arts camps. The responses from students and parents have been a wonderful affirmation that we are fulfilling our mission of a truly inclusive and creative camp that is enjoyed by students of any and all abilities. 

Our summer camp is typically funded by revenue generated from our professional performances and world tours. This past year, as a result of the COVID pandemic, those revenue sources have been non-existent. As a result, we are turning to our REVcommunity for help. Year after year, our camp expands and our students grow. They grow in confidence, creativity, and in a better understanding of each other and their community. This year, we are counting on you and would be extremely grateful for your support. 

Don't forget to like our social media accounts so you can see the posts and updates throughout the camp. Through these platforms, you can see what the students are learning and how much joy your support has brought to their lives. Additionally, if you would like to see the students' final presentation at the end of camp, you will be able to watch it live on our Facebook page.

We are sending a big REVthanks to you and would like to encourage everyone to scatter kindness and joy wherever and whenever you can. 




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